Our Attorneys have more than a decade of Workers Compensation experience. Over the years we have become known as some of the most aggressive and hard working Attorneys in the industry. This reputation was gained both working for and against a range of Fortune 500 companies, Insurance Companies, Small Business Owners, and Georgia Injured Workers.

From the accident itself to claim resolution Benzine Law Group makes a promise to fight for you. Their dedication to Workers Compensation Law is shown by the over 500 beneficial claim, settlements, closures, and trial victories. Dedicated and detailed work at the beginning of all claims has proven to yield the most favorable results when resolving a Workers Compensation Claim. Some of the legal terms and proceedings can be confusing. Below is a brief explanation of some of the legal terms and tools that may occur over the life of a workers compensation claim.


Medical Treatment

Sadly, the issue of medical treatment in a Workers Comp claim is often the most disputed and contested issue in the life of a claim.  Benzine Law Group uses their relationships with medical providers throughout the state of Georgia to get the medical results you deserve. Throughout the years, the Attorneys at Benzine Law Group have developed extensive relationships with all types of medical providers including General Orthopedic Physicians, Pain Management Specialists, Back and Neck Spine Specialists, Shoulder Specialists, Hand Specialists, Foot Specialists, Radiologists, Neurologists and Atlanta's most respected Surgeons.  Whether it is a small toe injury or a serious head injury we will find the best doctor for your medical issue.  


Income Benefits

In the event that a work related injury prevents the injured worker from continuing to work, income benefits may then become a part of the claim. Exactly what income benefits are owed can get complicated. Our Attorneys have managed millions of dollars in claim income benefits.  We will work for you to manage to flow of income benefits to ensure the proper claim exposure is maintained.

Administrative Law Hearings at the State Board of Workers Compensation

One of the questions we receive most from  our client's is, "will I have to go to court"?  The answer to that question depends on the case.  However, in the event court is necessary, you will be prepared.  Our workers compensation trial attorney's enjoy the courtroom and pride themselves as passionate litigators.  If your employer or insurance company refuses to settle your case out of court you can be confident that our attorneys will prepare you and your case for success in the courtroom.  

Claim Resolution

Claim negotiation and settlement can get tense. We have negotiated favorable settlements in hundreds of Workers Comp claims. We are able to apply this experience to each unique claim to resolve the specific legal issues in each case and bring it to proper and beneficial resolution.