Case Results

You will find representative settlements and verdicts obtained by the Benzine Law Group below. Please keep in mind that every case is fact specific and different and that these verdicts and settlements do not represent what we may be able to obtain for you in your specific case. It also does not mean that our office wins each and every one of our cases. We do not. However, we have obtained significant results for our clients--a fact that our other clients tell us was an important factor in choosing our office to represent them.

If you are interested in learning more about these cases, or any others we have handled, please let us know when you contact our office for a free consultation.

$40,000.00 for Carpal Tunnel, November 2018

When her employer could. not accommodate her light duty work restrictions after surgery, this custodian called us. Were able to help her and her family move on from the workers compensation system.

WON, all issues hearing, October 2018

When the insurance company denied this waitresses workers comp benefits, she called us. After investigation into the on the job accident, the Sate Board of Workers Compensation awarded our client income benefits, medical benefits and assessed attorneys fees.

$125,000.00 for at fault driver in car accident, September 2018

Even if a car accident is your fault, you can recover under workers compensation. This client was injured in a car accident while at an out of town work conference. Even though other personal injury attorneys could not help him, workers compensation paid his medical bills and quite a bit more.

$40,000.00 Post Torn Rotator Cuff Surgery, January 2018

Not only was this injured worker able to get the surgery he needed paid for by the insurance company, he was able to use his settlement money to start his own business.

$200,000.00 for truck driver with PTSD, December 2017

PTSD can be difficult to diagnose as a result of an on the job injury, especially when the physical injures may not be as serious.  Choosing the right doctor is an important step to getting PTSD treatment accepted by the workers compensation insurance company. 


$125,000.00 after verdict at trial, December 2017

Even after winning at an administrative law hearing, injuries still require treatment.  After we were able to have the controvert of this workers compensation case overturned by the State Board of Workers Compensation, the injured worker was able to select a doctor of his choosing to treat his on the job injury.  He was able to get the medical treatment for his low back injury and eventually a favorable settlement of his claim. 


$40,000.00 repetitive wrist injury, November 2017

Injuries don't always result from a specific incident.  Repetitive use injuries can develop overtime after doing the same activity over and over, even if not stressful.  Most people think these injuries are not covered by workers compensation.  They are. 


$80,000.00 for worker run over at truck stop, September 2017

Some injuries are unavoidable and often times the fault of others.  If there is third party liability, you may have both a personal injury lawsuit and a workers compensation claim at the same time.  In such scenarios, the injured worker can benefit so long as the attorney is able to identify all areas of possible liability. 


$60,000 for back injury suffered by CNA, August 2017

Due to the physical nature of their jobs, Nurses have some of the highest rates of workers comp injures.  This CNA called us and she received not only the medical treatment she needed, but enough money to take some time off while she looked for a new job. 


$30,000 for non-surgical ankle, July 2017

Even if a work injury does not need surgery, it can still require significant future medical treatment.  We were able to help this retail worker get the settlement she needed to take care of her future medical costs related to her on the job injury. 


$35,000.00 settlement for torn quadriceps, June 2017

Some injures may not seem too serious at first.  It is important to obtain complete diagnostic testing including MRI and nerve conduction studies to determine the full extent of any work injury. 


$100,000.00 settlement on accepted back injury. May 2017

Even if a case is accepted and the insurance company is paying for your medical treatment, hiring a lawyer will help you negotiate a favorable settlement.  Here, the client was able to get the fusion surgery he needed and still walk away with good settlement money. 


$125,000.00  settlement for back injury, March 2017

When a middle Georgia chicken feed plant refused to start income benefits for a driver we took them to court.  Not only did the State Board of Workers Compensation award the all past benefits, they awarded him a Dr. of his choosing.  This fostered a beneficial settlement once he achieved Maximum Medical Improvement from his injuries. 


$100,000.00 Plus $30,000.00 Medicare Set Aside from Truck Accident, January 2017

An interstate tucking accident left our out of state client with significant back and shoulder injuries.  Once he received the necessary medical treatment we were able to negotiate his favorable settlement. 


$60,000.00 settlement from roll over motor vehicle accident, August 2016

When a county employee was involved in the serious car accident, the insurance company tried to send them to their doctors.  Once he called us, we were able to set up his medical treatment who he had seen in the past and was comfortable with.  The end result was appropriate medical care and a favorable settlement. 


$80,000.00 settlement for knee injury, August 2016

Even though the client had moved on from his former employer of two years, we were able to have the insurance company pay for the total knee replacement that his treating doctor related to his old workers compensation injury. 


$26,000.00 settlement for pinky finger injury, March 2016

The insurance company denied a witnessed finger injury on unreasonable grounds.  The client called us and was able to recover all the money owed by the employer and then some. 


$35,00.00 settlement for hand laceration, January 2016

Even if it may seem like the insurance company is taking care of you, they are likely cutting corners and trying to save cost at your expense.  Even though the majority of this clients medical treatment was getting paid, the insurance company did not fully inform the injured worker of her rights.  We were able to use that to recover what was owed as part of her settlement.


$60,000.00 settlement for golf course worker, November 2015

Everyone's workplace can be different.  When this golf course worker required a fusion surgery on his foot, we were able to get him to the appropriate treating doctors and eventually this workers compensation settlement. 


$100,000.00 settlement for denied back injury, August 2015

An auto mechanic injured his back while changing commercial tires.  The insurance company offered $7,500.00 prior to trial.  In court, the State Board of Workers Compensation found the employer witness not credible and awarded all benefits owed and assessed attorneys fees and penalties.  The settlement allowed the client to start his own towing business. 


$25,000.00 for carpel tunnel syndrome, August 2015

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome is one of the most common work injuries because it can strike almost any type of worker.  This client worked at a local doggy daycare and the employer fired her after she reported the injury.  When she called us we were able to get a quick settlement so she could move forward with medical treatment. 


$60.000.00 settlement for non-surgical back case, September 2015

Not all back injuries are created equal.  Even though this client's back did not require surgery, we were able to navigate successful pain management referrals and achieve a settlement that allowed him to stay home with his children on a daily basis. 


$90,000.00 settlement after car accident, June 2015

If you are involved in a car accident while at work, you may have both a workers compensation claim and a personal injury claim.  We represented an employee of a local car dealership after they refused to pay for his medical treatment.  Were were able to get him into doctors that were sympathetic for his case and negotiated one of the most rewarding settlements for the firm for a client that deserved it. 


$110,000.00 for repetitive use back injury, February 2015

A client who worked through pain for over 30 years in a local factory retained us after he could no longer preform his job.  His settlement allowed him to retire at a cabin on the lake. 


$25,000.00 settlement after Slip and Fall, October 2014

After the client suffered a knee injury due to an unwitnessed slip and fall at work, she called us. We were able to negotiate this favorable settlement after she received all of the medical treatment needed to restore her back to her pre-injury condition.


$15,000.00 settlement against uninsured Employer, August 2014

Even though the daycare did not have workers compensation insurance, we took the claim to court.  The State Board awarded the client all of her back pay and directed the employer to pay all of the injured worker's past wages and medical bills.  The firm was also awarded attorneys fees due to the employer's unreasonable defense to the claim.  This forced a favorable settlement down the road for a client with a back injury. 


$10,000.00 for sprained foot, March 20014

Client suffered a sprained ankle while working at the airport.  When her employer terminated her because she got hurt she called us and was able to get the medical treatment she needed and enough money to hold her off until she was able to secure subsequent employment. 


$90,000.00 plus an $8,000.00 MSA, December 2013

A number of different factors can trigger the need for a Medicare Set Aside Agreement when it comes time to settle a workers compensation case.  For this military contractor, were were able to negotiate both a favorable settlement and arrange for his future medical treatment to be paid for by the employer and insurance company. 


$20,000.00 Settlement for server with a back strain, November 2013

The insurance company and the employer colluded to change and alter their posted panel of physicians.  Client called us and we called them on it.  This resulted in a fast settlement and allowed the client to have a very Merry Christmas. 


$50,000.00 Settlement after electrocution, June 2013

The large film manufacturer failed to maintain a safe work environment in the factory.  When our client was electrocuted by a live wire from an faulty machine he was sent to the hospital for over a week.  Once the insurance company denied his workers compensation claim, he called us.  Aggressive litigation allowed us to settle the case on favorable terms and force the employer to pay all of the unpaid medical bills. 


$15,000.00 Settlement after concussion, February 2013

A pizza delivery driver went into diabetic seizure and struck a tree while making a delivery.  The insurance company denied the case contending an idiopathic injury.  We were able to make successful counter arguments to force the insurance company to the negotiation table and resolve the claim on favorable terms. 


$50,000.00 Settlement for a Back and Neck Strain, September 2012

Our client, a Brick Mason, was injured when his bobcat flipped into a ditch.  When the ambulance came, his boss told him to tell he was not inured.  The client acted quickly and called us.  Fortunately, we were able to get him the medical treatment he needed to eventually return to work and enough money  for him to start his own business.