Any arrest is a difficult time for anyone.  There will be issues unique to each and every case and no case is the same. Courtrooms can be intimidating and even frustrating. With thousands of hours logged in Georgia Courts, our Attorneys have your back. They will work hard on your case and provide the individual attention you case deserves to work towards the best possible resolution for you. 

As discussed above, there is no set formula for your specific criminal issue. Each case will be impacted individually by a variety of factors such as the credibility of the arresting officer, credibility of case witnesses, court location, type of charge, and what/if any criminal history.

The one thing that can have an impact on all of the above and help sway a case in your favor is the level of your legal representation. Our Attorneys remain diligent in getting the best possible outcome for you as person, not a file number. We make the promise to keep you updated on all of your case events and legal status. We will work with you along the way to make the unfortunate experience of arrest as easy as possible. 

Are you from out of state and received a ticket in Georgia? Our attorneys specialize in helping drivers like you avoid having to return to Georgia. We will not only represent you in court, but we will also fight to lessen your fines and charges.